Famous Lassi's

Mango Bazar. $8/15
(Tradition with a twist)

Coconut Island. $8/15
(5-star honeymoon drink)

BANG Lassi. $8/15
(no funny stuff)


Ginger Beer, Lemonade &
Blood Orange. $5

Still or sparkling water. $6

coolest beer & cider

Cobra lager. $9

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale. $10

10Young Henry’s Newtowner. $11

The Hills Cider Co. $9

served with a smile and a story

Man eating tiger. $18
Dark rum, sloe gin, apricot, lemon. Seriously thirsty work.

Water Lily. $18
Gin, sloe gin, strawberry, lemon, sparkling. A very pretty missy.

Oriental Magpie Robin. $18
Tequila, rum, triple-sec, ginger beer. Dancing with a Bengal tiger.

Grand Trunk Road Negroni. $18
Port, campari, elderflower, sparkling.  A laudable triumph.

Black Market Sugar. $19
Vodka, elderflower, pomelo, lychee and grapefruit. Worth the risk.

Dhaka Attacker. $18
Gin, cherry, lemon, chilli. Dutch courage.

Amaretto, dark rum, pineapple, passion fruit and lemon. Island vibes..

Portugese wine selection


Paulo Laureao Classico Roupeiro, Alentejo, 2015. $11/$52

Casa De Vilacetinho, Arinto, Vinho Verde. $14/$68

Casa De Vilacetinho, Avesso, Vinho Verde, 2014. $65

Done Paterna Alvarinho, Trajodura, 2014. $13/$65

Cabeco Do Mocho Encruzado, Dao, 2015. $56

Dona Paterna Alvarinho, Vinho Verde, 2013. $72

Paulo Laureano Vinha Venhas Branco, 2015. $82

Esporao Verdelho, Alentejo, 2014. $15/$75


Chao Rijo, Lisboa, 2013. $14/$68

Cabeco Do Pote Tinto, Douro, 2012. $12/$56

Assobio Tinto, Douro, 2013. $13/$63

Cadio Tinto, 2012. $50

Premium Vinhas Velhas Tinto, Alentejo, 2014. $62

Casa Da Passarella Tinto, 2013. $70

Vadio Tinto, Bairrada, 2011. $75

Paulo Laureano, Reserve, Alentejo, 2014. $15/$75

Esporao Reserva Tinto, Alentejo, 2013. $116