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a BANGLADESHI restaurant

"at sydney restaurant, stars are on the plate" new york times




BANg is the favorite of celebrities and political leaders, the perfect place to share good times with friends, colleagues or lovers.


Bangladesh born and raised head chef Tapos Singha gets back to his roots and delivers fresh exotic cuisine from the subcontinent, tweaked with the best local produce and finished with some elegant finery while maintaining a 'street food' edge.




02 8354 1096


3/410 Crown Street
Surry Hills
Sydney, 2010


T–Th 6pm–Late
F–Sa 12pm Lunches
& 6pm–Late

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Famous Lassi's

Mango Bazar. $8/15
(Tradition with a twist)

Coconut Island. $8/15
(5-star honeymoon drink)

BANG Lassi. $8/15
(no funny stuff)


Ginger Beer, Lemonade &
Blood Orange. $5

Still or sparkling water. $6

coolest beer & cider

Kingfisher Lager. $8

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale. $9

James Squire Four Wives Pilsner $9

The Hills Cider Co. $9

served with a smile and a story

Man eating tiger. $18
Dark rum, sloe gin, apricot, lemon. Seriously thirsty work.

Water Lily. $18
Gin, sloe gin, strawberry, lemon, sparkling. A very pretty missy.

Oriental Magpie Robin. $18
Tequila, rum, triple-sec, ginger beer. Dancing with a Bengal tiger.

Grand Trunk Road Negroni. $18
Port, campari, elderflower, sparkling.  A laudable triumph.

Black Market Sugar. $18
Vodka, triple-sec, almond, cranberry & orange. Worth the risk.

Dhaka Attacker. $18
Gin, cherry, lemon, chilli. Dutch courage.

BANG Mule. $20
Hendricks gin, elderflower, ginger, lime, mint, cucumber.

Portugese wine selection


Flor de Crasto branco, Douro, 2013. $11 / $52

Casa De Vilacetinho, Arinto, Vinho Verde. $68

Casa De Vilacetinho, Avesso, Vinho Verde, 2014. $69

Prova Regia Reserva, Arinto, Bucelas, 2013. $14 / $74

Casa De Vilacetinho, Loureiro, Vinho Verde, 2014. $13/$65

Monte Velho Branco, Alentejo, 2013. $55

Dona Paterna Alvarinho, Vinho Verde, 2013. $72

Vadio Branco, Bairrada, 2014. $79

Esporao Reserva branco, Alentejo. $15 / $75


Pardusco, Vinho Verde, 2013. $13/$68

Vila Jardim, Touriga Nacional, 2010. $11/$56

Flor de Crasto Tinto, Douro, 2013. $50

Quinta das Camelias, Jaen, Dao, 2012. $62

Assobio Tinto, Douro, 2011. $13 / $68

Quinta Das Camelias Reserva, Dao, 2010. $72

Esporao Quattro Castas, Alentejo, 2011. $15/$75

Vadio Tinto, Bairrada, 2011. $75

Esporao Reserva Tinto, Alentejo, 2012. $116



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For groups of 6 or more, we require CC details as a security deposit to confirm a reservation. We do not process a deposit, however should you need to cancel your reservation or reduce the numbers in your party, we require a minimum of 24hrs notice via email or phone. Failure to do so will incur a fee of $45 per person. 

We require groups of 8 or more to do the Bang for you buck menu $65 per person.


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